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By jaseg · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. jaseg
    It's been three years since I've had any chickens. It sure feels good to get back into hobby farming. I started slow with a very small flock. I'm going to try to expand a little each year by incubating my own.

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  1. jaseg
    Well our small flock has grown since 2010. I have some beautiful RIR's The guy who sold me the chicks said that his rooster won awards or something? I don't really care about such things but they really are beautiful looking. I have three Maran, or Barred Rocks, not sure though I'm going to do a little more research. The white Leghorns are as neurotic as ever, man they are not very big but they are very fast and skittish. They make me laugh thats for sure. I have a black hen with black legs and feet, never had one of those but it was a rescue bird I got from my cousin. I named her Metallica, she sure is purdy! haha! I have two roosters; a giant white rooster named Jackson, -he's my current avatar picture. And a pure RIR roo named Encio. He's all tough and rules the roost until I get about five feet from him then he runs like hell? I don't know why he does this? I'm very calm and don't get mad at the Roos. I've had troublesome Roos in the past that end up in the slow cooker but Jackson and his buddy get along fine and are very gentle.

    It's been a year since the Grant family goat experience began. I had no clue what I was doing when I bought a little buck named Brewster. He was a long eared Alpine-Neubian cross breed, the sweetest looking thing you ever saw in your life! So the deal was I didn't want a breeder, I just wanted a pet goat. So I found the add for Brewster one day and I wrote the people an email inquiring more about the little fellow. He was a twin -his sister dies shortly after birth- and he was all alone. The fellow told me he was dehorned and neutered which made me very happy because I heard goats can be very smelly during the rutting season. I bought Brewster and bring him to our little farm. He loved his new little barn I built him but I could see that this goat needed a friend or something. So I found a pygmy sanaan goat and bought her too. Her name is Sweet-Pea. I just kept the given names both goats already had.

    Everything was perfect. The goats would follow me around the yard, and in the garden like little dogs. I really loved their company. They would forage on weeds mostly, and treated themselves to my rose bushes, something I discovered goats really love are rose bushes, thorns and all! I found out very fast that I need to put up fencing around my vegetable garden because goats love fresh green, especially garden sprouts and greens! Once Brewster found out how tasty my pea plants were he was relentlessly trying to get at them. So I got some fencing and put it up all around the garden. It worked! Every now and again I would give them something special from the garden since they were being good… lol. as time went on, I noticed Brewster's horns starting to bud and I was like what the hell is going on here? They told me he was dehorned and neutered I was really upset because the horn started and a hard bump then began to grow out a bit deformed. It didn't really bother him or me so I just didn't give it much thought...
  2. jaseg
    We bought two 4 week old araucana chicks today they are awesome! Hope to get some blue/green eggs!
  3. jaseg
    Now we have goats!

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