Hello, Welcome to my page. I just raise chickens mainly for eggs and plan on keeping a small flock, but I do want to start on a breed I was thinking Ameraucanas or Silkies or maybe both. But for now I am focusing on getting rid of my Mini Rex rabbits and converting my rabbitry into a chicken coop. I will be working on it this winter and hopefully have it ready before we get down to the -50s. I might lose my chickens if it gets that cold, my old coop isn't what it used to be. It really is hard to raise chickens in Alaska and I am expecting a hatch soon so my garage will not smell too good untill next summer xD But it gives me something to look forward to, because living here can be a downer sometimes, especially when the sun only rises for one hour in December :(
Well thats all I can put here for now, I will fancy this page up eventually. Pics :D

This one is my new Ameraucana Chick from Dispys eggs. Unfortanatly on one chick hatched out of 9 eggs, but he seems content for now, I hope he doesnt have a hard time socilizing though once he gets older

And this is my EE Roo Edward. I pretty much saved his life. Someone I know wanted to eat him and I thought he was too pretty to eat so she let me have him, but I wasn't sure if I could own roosters where I live, turns out I can, so I kept him and hes been the best rooster I have ever had. I just love this guy, hes never challanged me once and is nice to the ladies, even nicer than them :/