Jasper And His Mama

By jaspersmama · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jaspersmama
    Jasper and his mama!!
    This is Jasper and me!!(soon to get pic of me)Jasper hatched somewhere around June 8th 2008. Jasper is my son, he has got such a human like personality. If you were to meet him he would treat you like your his hen. He is a player. He'll always try to coax you over to him, most of the time he'll act like he found food and tries to get you over there. He is hilarious. When you let him walk around out of the coop, he will always follow you. He acts so curious in whatever you're doing.
    The pic taken here was by his previous owner. That is the best picture a chicken could take, I think. I don't understand how she could make the little booger stay still. [​IMG]


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