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By Jazlyn · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Jazlyn
    Hi. My name is Ava J. Gandy. My mom & I not only have and enjoy the compainy of our chickens but breed Nigerian Dwarf goats and a small herd of miniature horses. If you are interested in goats or miniature horses feel free to contact us.

    Here is our list of animals
    Dogs-3 Harley a Chihuahua mix, Darla a registered Chihuahua, & Dixie a big mix
    Cats-4 Playful(old), Mow Kitty(old), Baby Shadas(calico hunter), Little Kitty(fat)
    Nigerian Dwarfs-25 All registered: Hazel, Maggie, Pumkin, Julie Cowbunny,
    Mickey, Dreamy,Robin, Moosie, Goldie
    Boy, Edie, Katimarie, Wild Kat, Desi, Treasure,
    Lucky, Blissful, Barbie, Roxie, Mr. Big, Picaboo,
    Surihya, Isabella, Amelia, Eskimo Joe, & Helix!
    Miniature Horses-8 All registered or pending:Dew Drop, Shine On, Tishi, Buttons,
    Hally, Craze, Blissy, & June
    Barred Rocks-Alot! They are very calm and most enjoy attention!
    Black Breasted Red OEG-3 From show birds!
    Silver Duckwing OEG-4 From show birds! The oldest roo is Little Grey.
    Fawn OEG-2 Sweet! I call them doves because the lived inside for a while.
    Silkies-3 I LOVE Muffin!
    Small Mix Bantams-6 Little Egypt, My Little Rooster, Frizzile(Pure Frizzle that isn't)
    Cochin, & Little Meany
    Rhode Island Experimentals-7
    Barred Rock Sex-Link crosses-? Fascinating colors!

    Contact Us At: 601-584-9056 or ava-a2z@netzero.com
    Please veiw our site!!! www.landaminiatures.com

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