Jazz Cafe Children's Edition & My Hens

By black_dove2 · Jul 23, 2017 ·
  1. black_dove2
    Our local library (two blocks from my home) has Jazz Cafe once a month for ages 13 and older. Spoken word poetry, songs, essays etc. No clapping only finger snapping allowed. No critiques.

    The idea is to bring senior citizens and youth together to exchange dialogue. Children learn to share and get on stage,speak in public.

    Meal is also provided. This is important in our small town with so much poverty. We engage in small talk, introductions and table manners.

    This week was the first ever Children's Edition all ages welcome! I was very excited to participate and spent days going over in my head a poem about my chickens. I'm so happy to have them and share with anyone willing to listen, ha ha ha.

    I tried recording, scribbling and trying to keep it simple.

    I took feathers I've been collecting from Gumby Danish Brown and Precious Rhode Island Red. After a darling little girl sang it was my turn! I was still scribbling and rewriting especially because I couldn't read my own chicken scratch, Lol.

    I decided to walk around the tables and chairs to hand out the feathers (I had just enough) and tell the kids how it came about that I'm a new chicken owner.

    I asked the kids to help me rhyme and get up on occasion to do as chickens do.

    One line

    When it's so hot and the wind blows
    The chickens look up waiting for.....

    The kids all looked up and some yelled out SNOW!

    They laughed at the line

    The chickens live in a place called a run and a coop
    It seems all I do is is clean up their ...

    I had them rhyming feathers, crow, cluck, feed and more.
    They had a great time scratching, crowing, clucking, and flying.

    I ended with

    Sill waiting for eggs.

    Although it was bilingual and I only spoke in English this time all the children seemed to be happy to participate in writing a poem about my chickens!

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