Today We started out by getting the kids off to school and sending the hubby to work. After they all left I started my chicken chores. Made my rounds in the kitchen first and started with the zoomies in the brooder. Fed and watered and picked up and cuddles a randon few that were interested. At 2 weeks and 2 days old now my lil babies are starting to get big girl feathers on their necks and chests ( already have them on the wings. I can't believe how red the feathers on the RIRs are when they are still mostly yellow. Next to them in their own bin is the OEG couple. They are about 8 weeks old and REALLY need to go outside if I can ever get Jason to build the coop for them....can't put them with anyone else because the roo is a nasty lil bugger! Next to them in the big kennel is the cool kids section. It consists of 2 Silkies, 1 White Crested Black Polish, 1Buff Laced Polish, 1 Black Polish Frizzle and 1 Cochin Bantam. They also are just about ready to go outside......if I could get Jason to ......well nevermind. I think I am going to need to learn how to build a coop myself lol. I keep hearing this awful screeching noise comming from the kitchen and when I go out to potentially scold a cat for batting at the chickens there is nothing going on. No bad Kitties, no bad dogs, chicks all safely in their bins. So I actually was standing out there when the screeching started. I is the little OEG roo trying to crow! its the cutest , most annoying noise ever lol
Went out and sat with SpazzyRoo for a little bit...he still hates me but he will get over it. I made some hard boiled eggs for the chicks for a treat today...everyone gobbled them up except for Spazzy. He just looked at them like "what the crap is THAT!?!?!?" Dunno...I think he was afraid of the plate. Poor thing is terrified of everything. He darn near took Jasons head off yesterday when he reached in to get the water. Spazzy decided he wanted to leave the cage and shot by his head lol. This resulted in us chasing him around the yard for about 20 minutes to catch him and put him back in. He would be fox food for sure!