View my in coop camera (Internet Explorer only) at - you must install the camera applet to view.
Started the coop in mid-August and finished last week - Nov 15th 2011! - Coop complete with electrical conduit from the house and wired for internet! lol - obviously I took my time.

Spent almost $1200.00 CDN on the project and $60.00 on the chicks! I had so much fun building this with my best friend/neighbor and my 5 year old daughter.
Got 12 Rhode Island Red chicks on September 30th and currently have 8 - 2 suspected Roosters! but I can't tell for sure yet.
Lost 3 in the first week I believe it was due to normal circumstances and the trauma of life.
Lost one 8 week old today but can't figure out why. No signs of illness in the flock and no blood or pecking marks. hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Not sure when I will be able to tell which ones are Hens vs Roosters. But will hopefully before they start crowing as I have a few tenants on my property I assured would not be awoken by a rooster.
All have a wonderful demeanor and are a joy to play with. They let me and my 5 years old touch them with little fuss.
Just started plans for two Gardens this spring and a root cellar. Can’t wait to have my complete little hoppy farm.
Just got a 48inch Tiller and Single Furrow Plough for my JD2305 Tractor, now I need more time and for the winter to pass quickly!
Working on a 3 bin hot compost to keep me entertained over the winter. lol
More to come