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By jemb · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jemb
    Hi i have 4 chickens think theyre golden lay. Lately the maitre de has been having problems, mainly with her foot/leg. She keeps limping/holding it up i thought it may be a strain from scratching around as it got better. Its now back again & getting worsr, she was just sitting in the run until a day ago when she wouldnt come down from the roost (obviously hurts). I have since brought her in & keeping her in a cat transport basket with food etc, but shes panting a lot. tried her outside todaY but all she wanted to do is lay there. wouldnt get up at all. She did lay though today though the shell was soft. Shes eating ok but obviously stressed any ideas for her leg/panting please, do i go to the vets or is it not worth it??!!

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