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By jenb99 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jenb99
    Well, I can't seem to find the post under emergencies that i left a month ago, and its probably buried in the thousands of emergencies I have seen on this site (WOW!) Anyway my chicken had its leg nearly chewed off by a raccoon and I had to surgically remove its leg. It is still alive and doing great. We've been changing its bandage daily, keeping her separate from the rest of the chickens (but she has a good view of them), and putting on lots of antibiotic cream (and having to give probiotics as a result, believe it or not...the stuff must be pretty strong to affect her digestion) I feel like I am pretty much an expert on this type of injury now, having lived through it! She is still not completely out of the woods yet, we'll wait to see when the rest of her scab falls off what is left. If it comes off and the leg is in good shape, we will then progress to designing an artificial leg for her. It will be exciting to see her walk again!

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