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  1. JerseyGiantfolk

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  1. JerseyGiantfolk
    Skyangel-- sometimes I noticed that fresher eggs (that you hard boil) are harder to peel. Where on the other hand, older eggs are easier to peel.
    A lot of the clear plastic containers are 100% recycled plastic. And are much sturdier than paper cartons, sometimes.
    Thank you!
  2. skyangel
    I truly enjoyed your photos, beautiful chickens! I want to ask you about the clear egg cartons, and was not able to post a comment on that page, so Im here.
    Actually I had a question,and a comment: Q: Paper, cartons ? They absorb the moisture from eggs, does this play a role in why hard boiled eggs are sometimes difficult to peel? Comment: The clear plastic cartons make for a pleasant presentation for the eggs, I like it.
  3. JerseyGiantfolk
    Well Jersey Giants have yellow skin- Australorps have pink skin.

    Jersey Giants are not related to Australrops. JG's were made from a combination of Dark Brahma's, Dark Langshans, Java's and some people started to add a strain of Cornish into them too.
    Thank you for asking!
  4. outdoorsii
    Such pretty chickens, so why do Jersey Giants have the look so much of Australorps? black feet, black coloring...etc.;....are they related
  5. JerseyGiantfolk
    Thank you! Silkies would be good therapy chickens because of the fluffy feathers (they aren't "true" feathers, so if they flap... it won't hurt anyone.)
    Good luck with your Silkies! :)
  6. Feathersprings
    Nice to see your flock!!! Love the dress ups :) I am thinking about doing some therapy work with some of my silkies so I had better get started getting them used to such things lol!
  7. JerseyGiantfolk
    THanks Disco!!! Yours are toooo!
  8. Disco Hen
    SO CUTE!!!
  9. JerseyGiantfolk
    Thanks!! It was a two person job, of course, lol
  10. Acresofchickens
    I love the western chickens!:) :D
  11. JerseyGiantfolk
  12. judyki2004
    So cute!!!
  13. JerseyGiantfolk
    I haven't had a sick death since 2 years ago! Phew. The bobcat did end up taking Muffy, but I caught the bobcat red handed, 2 feet in front of me with Honk in his/her mouth.
  14. BeulahBreezes
    What beautiful and healthy looking chickens! Luv the variety of breeds you have. Sorry about the poor gals who met up with the bobcat...:(
  15. JerseyGiantfolk
    Thank you all
    @Two: I got them to hold still with my sisters help. I don't know why but I just found the bandanna hanging around the house.
  16. TwoCrows
    You have beautiful birds! How in the world did you get them to hold still for clothes!! Absolutely adorable!
  17. soffeann1997
    You have beautiful birds.
  18. chloezoebob101
    Awww :)
    how cute!!
    sorry about the ones killed by a bobcat :(

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