Jerseygiantfolks Guide To Seeing What Chick May Be The One To Show

By JerseyGiantfolk · Mar 29, 2012 · Updated Apr 10, 2012 ·
  1. JerseyGiantfolk
    Hi there! You may have noticed me a couple times bouncing around the threads. I show my poultry, it's all about showing, and making money back for the $18.00 (for 1 bag of 50lbs feed). My poultry experience is so wide it's probably going to take several pages, so I started writing one: Anyways, on with the subject:

    Finding the chick who has a good chance at having a show career:
    After the chick hatches, an easy way to tell if it's a Jersey is the feet. The bottom of a true Jersey Giant's feet are yellow. Any pink feet are a DQ or the chick is a different breed (Java or Australorp) The key for a good breeding bird is immune to disease.. just had to throw that it!

    After about a week chicks will start developing more visible comb, and feathers. When a Jersey Giant chick has hatched it has a white breast, fluff and part of it's face, examples of what to look for:
    • Side sprigs (stubs at the back of the comb)
    • Crossbeak (crossed beak)
    • Broken wing (Chicks are very delicate, one mess up on the wing can be permanent)
    • Splayed legs (Can happen if not enough shavings, slippery surface, accident trying to roost)

    Then we have symptoms that mean your chick is sick:
    Common Symptoms of Sickness:
    • Runny manure
    • Lethargic
    • Dragging legs
    • Eye discharge
    If your chicks have any of these symptoms, ask on BYC for help.
    Here's another list on healthy symptoms:

    Good healthy chicks look (and act!) like this:
    • Eating and drinking well
    • Soft manure (Not hard)
    • Bright eyes, no discharge
    • Moving around well
    Next we have our final stage:
    When the chicks are around 5-6 months you'll notice who goes and who stays:
    • No more than an inch of white on the feathers
    • A good tail angle: Female: 30 degree, Male: 45 degree
    • A good pose: A nice broad bird is good
    • And of course, a good personality!

    Soon your chick could turn out to be a champion!

    (c)JerseyGiantfolk 2012 "Twinkle and her ribbons" (She's molting, so that's why she looks ratty)


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