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By JHillgrove · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. JHillgrove
    I currently have 20 chicknes on my acre of land here in Snohomish WA. I began raising chickens in 2009.
    I wasnt raised with chickens and I dont know how I got the idea that chickens would be fun. When we had 3 kids we moved into this large house with a large yard and I didnt want the yard to go to waste, I wanted my land to work, So I planted a garden and got some chicks. We had another baby and after a couple years decided we didnt have to drink cows milk that had been pasturized so that there was no nutrience to be found. We got some goats.
    I love my chickens though sometimes they drive me insane and sometimes confuse me. They fly over every fence we have built, dug holes in every garden I have planted. Try to run under my truck tires when I drive away. Run under my feet as I walk around the yard. Roost in trees and lay eggs outside. AHhh!
    I am thinking this year I would like to try to breed chickens. This will be an interesting challenge for me and my flock.

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