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Jims Large Backyard Coop

  1. HallFamilyFarm
    Our coops are custom built for you at our Monticello, Arkansas farm.
    What started as a project for ourselves has evolved into building our coops for others.
    The Economy Backyard Coop is 4' x 8'. Interior is 2' x 4'. This gives you a total of 4' x 10' of useable covered floor space. This coop will hold 6-10 laying hens. This will depend on the breed. Buyer must specify if for large fowl or Bantams. The Economy Backyard Coop comes with lawn mower wheels on one end, so you can lift the other end and move it around your yard.
    See https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=47716-jims-backyard-coop

    The Large Backyard Coop is 6' x 10'. Interior is 6' x 4', this gives you a total of 6' x 14' of useable covered space. This coop will hold 10-20 laying hens. This will depend on the breed. Buyer must specify which breed. Extra large breeds require a different size nest and entry. Wheels are extra, or we will install your wheels at no charge.
    Our customer chose to use a wood preserving stain and requested metal on the bottom to keep out their own pets.
    Corragated metal cost us an extra $50. We will install the bottom metal for its cost.
    buffbeauty's Large Backyard Coop

    buffbeauty's Large Backyard Coop before she stained it.
    buffbeauty's Large Backyard Coop under construction.
    Mona's Large Backyard Coop (in rear; front coop is Julie's economy coop).



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  1. collegegardener
    Do y'all still sell these?
  2. Horseychicken
    very jice. how many chicken s does kit Hol i need a coop for around 10 chickens plus chicks. this is cool!

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