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Jjays Member Page

By jjay, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. jjay
    So a few weeks ago - we bought ourselves some "little chickeys" from the top... - "Coop", "Breck", "Mockbee", "Prissy"
    Then we needed to put together a little coop
    I think we did this part a little differently... We built the enclosure, then built the roost/nest box/feed and water sections after and just moved it inside.

    The roost is on top, of course. The nest box is mounted below the poop tray, there is another poop tray below the food and water. The feeder is hanging from the bottom of the nest box.
    So far it is working out pretty well - I think they like it. No eggs yet, but they are young and we just added the nest box yesterday.
    I am going to mount a little door on the outside of the nest box to close it up and so we can get eggs without going in the coop. Cheers!

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