[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let you know about everything that will be avaliable the spring of 2008!! I cant wait for all the eggs to come! [/FONT]
First for Chickens:
These are all running together so who knows what you will get, Americanas, Buff Orps, Black Alts, White leghorn crosses, Barred Rock, and possibly cockoo marrians ( Im not sure but someone is laying a VERY dark brown egg), there are a few other standard hens that I am not sure what they are and then there are some mutt banty hens also. With these so far are an americana roo, Buff Orp roo, and a barred Cochin roo. I am still hatching eggs so there will be more added before the spring.
I will also have a pen that will contain frizzles, silkies,gold laced polish and showgirls. There are some frizzle crosses that I have yet to set so we will see what comes from that.
Next are Guineas:
I currently have 38 guineas of various colors and ages. 1 or 2 hens have just started laying but I am not sure if they are fertile. These will all be running together and I will be adding more color to them next year also.
Next are turkeys:
There are currently 5 hens, 2 Nargassette,1 bourban red, 1 blue slate and 1 blue slate/ BR cross. These are in with 3 toms, 1 Royal Palm, 1 Bourban Red, and 1 that is a BR/ Royal Palm cross. They are very beautiful and I cant wait to see what hatches next year. These eggs will be limited.
Next will be my cross Geese:
I currently have 6. 3 hens possibly 4 with 2 to 3 ganders. One of each are a giant dewlap, Ebden cross, 3 are babies of this hen and an african gander, and then there is a toulouse african gander that was added late this year. The combos will be endless in the spring.
Finally will be the Ducks:
I have 1 pair of call ducks, the hen is brown wild coloring and the drake is a snowy coloring. Then there are 4 quack ducks, I think there are 3 hens with the 1 drake. Finally there are 4 mescoveys, 3 hens and a drake. The hens are 1 white, 2 chocolate brown and the drake is Black and white.

I also have 1 DH and 4 children that like to help me out, some more then others..lol We also have several cats, 6 dogs, 1 horse, 1 sheep, a few wild tame rabbits ( 4-H rabbits that got loose and then multiplied). Also in the house we have 1 gold fish and 14 button quails. I will be having eggs from everyone for sale next spring and will also love to trade with who ever has something different.