Here's my chicken coop. My wonderful husband spent the day finishing it up. I recently got 4 baby hens (to grow up with my 6 adult hens) and we had to modify the coop.

Our coop is fairly large, but made from the leftover pieces of an old fence, along with other purchased parts.

The new nesting boxes. Our hens were laying eggs under the small coop, which made it difficult to gather eggs!

We had to block off the bottom, so we hope they'll take to the new boxes today.

So, there you have it. I have 6 adult laying hens. 3 are Golden Sex Link hens, 3 are Jersey Black Giants. I have 4 baby hens. 2 are Rhode Island Reds, and I forgot the name of the other 2, but they're going to be white with black speckles.