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By gpguy · Apr 16, 2014 ·
  1. gpguy
    So a few months ago I decided I wanted to try my hand at raising chickens. I had talked to my wife about it and "we" (she) decided it might be best to wait. So I bided my time, and researched what I could in my spare time. I decided I wanted Rhode Island Reds, I was like eggs and meat, perfect. I can do this! So I spent time talking to the wife and eventually convinced her. We went to TSC and looked at thier selection of chicks. Low and behold they had the birds I wanted. TSC was running a sale buy 6 get 6! We (she) decided we should wait a little longer cause the sale was running until Easter. "Ok baby" was my response.
    We went back a week later to buy the birds. NO MORE RIR's!!! What was I going to do, I hadn't looked at any other breeds. The guy at TSC was like "if y'all buy 6 chicks I will give you as many as you want. Corporate sent me 300 more chicks when they said they wouldn't." So what did I do? Go big or go home right? I got 6 Cornish rocks, 6 Barred Plymouth Rock, & 6 Delawares (I'm not sure they are Delawares anymore).
    Well, at this point I now have 18 chicks and no place to put them. Thankfully a friend had offered to let us use his land, because they have chicks and well that's what friends do. So now it was coop shopping time. My God prefab coops are expensive! Well being a man what did I tell my wife? "I can build one for way les what they want!" Well so far I'm right, but man am I way over my initial estimate. O'well, I'm still way under prefab costs. So here we are 3 weeks into keeping chicks in a house we are not permitted to do so in. However, I will be done this weekend and "Joe's Chicken Barn[​IMG]" (that's right I just made that a registered trademark) will be done.

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