Hello to everyone on here. Pretty new to this forum yet so am still figuring out how to use this. Today I started a batch of bobwhite quail eggs. They are pretty dirty and some with hair line cracks and I don't know how old they are! Totally crazy to even bother trying to get anything out of this I guess but these were so hard to find it was crazy! That is without having to ship them. I'll probably end up with an egg blowing up or something. Oh well I'm hoping for the best. Am totally new to quail too which only makes it that much more interesting
I have rasied lots and lots of chicks from a hatchery and incubated quite a few now also so have a bit of a system that works ok for chickens. Now would like to try something different. If anyone has any information for me that would be totally great! How long does it take to be able to see if there is anything in the eggs for quail? I normally do my chicks at 6-7 days, would that be the same? Was thinking if I could pull the chickless eggs out as early as possible i might just be able to prevent them from blowing up on me. I would like information of quail if anyone would be able to help with that? Maybe I should just say what are the differences from chickens to quail
Thanks in advance!