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By jstewchicks · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    J Stew Chicks' Backyard Chickens Page
    Hey All. J Stew here, living small in Warren County, NJ. I am a single part-time Dad, with two smart young kids, an 11-year old daughter, and an 9-year old son, and we adore our 3 Rhode Island Red, Champion-Egg-Laying, hens. Their names are Skipper (she takes point on any new situation and/or visitor, no matter how small or large, or whether by land or air), Ricoh (she has grown into the "big" girl - extra large beautiful brown eggs at age 10 months), and "The Private" (she had sort of a shrunken little comb as a litte girl, but it has since filled in and stood up).
    Meet our girls:
    Ricoh, Skipper and The Private
    [​IMG] sorry, under construction, better pics to come soon.....2007-12-26
    Coop with Boardwalk
    Back Door / Servants Entrance

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