2011-04-15 Well, I intend add some pics. My husband and I are building first coop. Have new chicks coming soon need either new brooder or use of new coop. My husband is building 12 x 24 coop. I know it's it is big but he says, I'm only building one of these and if chickens don't work out I want a permanent well made out building. So my coop ( the chickens WILL work out) is under construction! I am dividing coop into three areas, 6x8 potting shed in middle with two doors going into. Each of the two coops within the building. Will have nest flaps I can open into my room, so can collect eggs and stay clean prior to work, etc. Again, I will post pics as soon as I figure out how, am loving this website, read it constantly, am learning so much! Also made a little portable run, right now to safely take out my chicks when weather is brooder similar. In future, hope to take to garden, move it around for 1 or 2 lucky hens to peck away for a few hours.

Okay, I skipped along some, here are the new pics

Inside of coop just as we added the first batch of girls in coop 1