Hi Fellow Poultry Enthusiasts,
It would be nice to talk and share ideas with other poultry people in the northern midwest. We are in the western upper peninsula of Michigan and have had chickens for 6 years. We choose winter-hardy breeds. Currently,
we have Chanteclers, Delawares, Buckeyes, Cuckoo Marans, Welsummers, and a few mixed breeds. We have never had any difficulty with winter housing and the Backyard Poultry has given us many wise ideas for helping with
that. Predators are a concern and yes, we have lost chickens to wildlife. We sell our eggs locally and just enjoy having the poultry for several reasons. Fresh eggs, garden manure and fertilizer, eat varroa mites (we have bees),
and we have laughs watching their antics. Occasionally, we have have chicken noodle soup. (Yes, I know that can be offensive to some, but have you ever tasted homemade chicken soup in the middle of a UP winter?)
Thanks for reading. Give me a write if you are so inclined. Sincerely, The Sim's