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By Julia-Rose · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Julia-Rose
    My name is Julia.
    I used to be a member, long ago.
    Now I'm back
    Back to BYC
    And better
    Than ever.

    Staring down
    The depths
    Of the empty bottle
    That lay in my hands
    But a drip runs from it's neck
    And it's blank surface
    Tells lies
    Of future
    And past
    In the bottom
    I find 
    The torturously sweet
    And agonizingly perfect 
    Eyes of a lover
    Watching my every move, 
    Listening to every beat
    Of my heavy heart
    Seeing my past
    For my 
    Untold future.
    I blink,
    And they are gone.
    I hear the sound
    Of light breathing, 
    A heart beating, 
    That is not my own,
    I turn,
    To face my destiny
    And I find
    Staring back,
    Your eyes bore 
    Into my soul
    I flinch 
    And you take a single step
    Towards me
    And I find
    That in your arms,
    I am alive.

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