Julia's Happy Hen House at Witt's End
09/09/09 Today the little chicks are a month old! 5 Dominiques, 6 goldenlaced Wyandottes, 5 silverlaced Wyandottes and 2 Newhampsire red older hens.
The older chickens are still a little standoffish but are getting more calm and relaxed in their new environment. They were given to us in trade for our 2 peafowl. They are laying beautiful eggs!
The babies are very, very tame!
It is unbelievable how much fun my husband and I are having....even though we are at.....
our very own.....Witt's End!
09/10/09 2 Beautiful eggs from the big girls today! Finally they are eating their crumbles and their treats. Little chickens got to play in the whole hen house for awhile this afternoon. Chickens are very relaxing. If only people were!
Had requests to see my chicken boxes. Though so far the big girls are not interested in them. They are using plastic bins with pine shavings. Go figure? I thought this was a pretty neat setup...Apparently I don't think like big chickens do. Maybe the little girls will use them.
09/12/09--Babies got to play today outside. Much running and chasing. I can not believe how big they are. One of my goldenlaced wyandottes is starting to worry me a little. I bought only pullets. However, this chicken is much taller than the others and is starting to get a really big comb. Could a 'roo have snuck in? I still love him/her. Time will tell.
9/13/09 I posted this little guy on the forum with invitations for others to look at him and tell me what they thought. Rooster across the board. It does appear that I have a rooster in the house. I definately did not plan on that!! I really like this chicken though so we will wait and see what happens. He is a goldenlaced wyandotte and from what I have been reading, the roosters are fairly quiet and even tempered. I hope so!

09/2 6/2009 Integration begins. We s pent 3 days watching to make sure all went well, very nerve racking. However, all our hardwork appears to have worked out. All are together all the time now. Thank goodness. We had a hawk scare but we believe we have rigged up something to stop that!
This picture is from November 2009.The girls are getting really big! They have discovered oatmeal and yougurt. On December the 13th, at 18 weeks old, I got my very first little girl egg. By week 21 I am getting 1-3 little girl eggs a day and finally have my first full egg carton. Notice the pink egg carton with my logo I finally gave in and ate some eggs. Those were the cutest things. See one "big girl egg" with 5 little girl eggs. Just about right for scrambled eggs. Now if we can just get through January. It is really cold at Witt's End. Last night it was a wind chill of -22. The girls have a light that keeps them @ 32 degrees, but I can tell that they will be glad when spring gets here. Here are Nero and Sparticus with a couple of girls on the feed can. I have no idea why the two boys always go there to roost. Looks cold, and I can tell they are wondering why I am allowing them to be this cold!!