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By Julie_in_PA · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Julie_in_PA
    I'm a hobby farmer located in Southern PA. Currently on our farm we raise goats, English Mastiffs, Chickens, and Bunnies. We also have a pony, 6 barn cats, and a Boston Terrier (house dog). We love the country life, and I have farmin in my blood ~ I love the FARM LIFE !!! Our daughter wants to get a lamb ... so I have a feeling that we will be adding Sheep to our hobby farm soon :D
    Our Main website (linking all my animal sites) is : http://juliesfunnyfarm.tripod.com
    Our Goat website is :
    Our English Mastiff website is : http://xandermtmastiffs.tripod.com
    Our Bunny website is : http://juliesgiants.tripod.com
    Our chickens are shown on our "Main Site" listed above.


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