Wow - I clicked on my page by accident and can't belive I haven't updated it in almost a year! So much has changed! Where to start...button quail: I've had my fill of the little buggers. They've been kind to me but I have so many other birds and so little time; something has to go. I sold them all to a lady in NY who bought button chicks from me. I know she'll take good care of them.
I got into jumbo coturnix last fall and they are wonderful. Special thanks to SamG for getting me started. They mature fast and are prolific layers. I have alot of fun pickling the eggs. They are absolutely wonderful after they sit for 5 months (hot water bath canning process).
My BO's got sick this spring - think it was infectious bronchitis. No diagnosis of MG, thank God. I sacrificed one for a necropsy and there was no definitive diagnosis. They all pulled through and are doing just fine. I stopped selling them on BYC just in case; can't take the chance of infecting others so they just lay eggs for me and are my pets.
I do love my ducks though!! I bought/won 12 silver Appleyard eggs on ebay and hatched 5. Not the seller's fault - it was all me. Took a gamble with the humidity since I had chicken eggs in there too. I am very happy with my 5 - 4 girls and 1 boy! I couldn't be more pleased and I want MORE MORE MORE. Absolutely love my ducks, once you get them a few weeks old and outside. Hated the brooder process. They are messy.
Otherwise, just working a ton of hours and taking care of my birds. Mark's mom's been in the hospital and we're going through a rough time right now. she's 78 and his dad is 87 so by the time I click on my site by accident again, who knows what will have changed.