June 23rd

By pinkwindsong · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. pinkwindsong
    yesterday evening we had one hell of a storm.. I thought it would blow over us like it has been doing.. the chicks did too.. they were happily in the garden when all of a sudden.. whoooosshh... torential rain. 70mph winds that were blowing sideways. there was more than one river going out of the garden and past the coop/kennel.
    finaly it died down to just rain and I went for my flockers. they were scattered everywhere.. three girls and Midas was in the teenagers roost.. one little black girl was on the little girls roost. 2 blacks and little red were in the upside down dog house.. ( the smartest) the rest were up in the cypress tree.. and No meebee and no edith... ocundt find meebeep anywhere.. got everyone out of the tree except lafiat.. he was too high..
    found Mee bee feathers down at the old trailer in a water path .he must have drown and then something ate him... no sign of Edith...

    so today sitting on the couch and colt runs in .. "fox in the pasture" grabs a gun and is out the door..

    couple ofmin pass and I see feathers and wings chicks trying to fly and that damn fox runing them thru the garden.. I yell to Morgi.. "fox is getting my chicks" so we and the dogs run out of the house.. morgi jumps the fence and scares the fox off .. he runs thru bills toward the gully.. it almost had Uncle Daddy and Sookie.. so Im counting heads and gathering chicks.. and find that Little red got bit and was dead.. bastard...
    then I see it coming back up the pasture.. so colt is up in the tree hiding.. and I got all the kids up in the ft yard and was watching from the shadows.. colt got hot and went in.. i was just about to too when I saw it again.. coming from the water hole. across the pasture. ..Iknocked on the glass and Colt leaped out of the back door and ran tot he fence. the fox stoped and was looking at us.. colt shot it rolled and then ran.. but as soon as he shot colt was on the run to get it.. he ran it to the woods and was a bout to shoot again and Darrel calls.. phone in pocket.. fox hears it and bookes it to Wassons pasture.. now Im worried colt will follow it across the fence.. so glad he didn't.. I really didnt expect it to come back till dark for the dead chicken body.. so Im in the kitchen and hear Boom... run to the open back door. and see colt in the woods in bills pasture.. I run out there. and see him pick it up at the same time I see bill coming this way.. oh my god ..please dont let him be mad... thank goddess he wasn't...he said something had been taking his ducks. ( didnt know he had ducks) so he was ok with it.. yea!!!
    it was skinny and had mange all over its body.. no hair on its tail or head.. he needed to be put down any way.. poor thing,, but dam it I didnt get chickens for fox and hawks and owls to eat.. bill did say he saw a big owl last night by his barn.. I hope it was just blown there and is not coming back.. hope this is the end of the hunt..

    another storm tonight ( should have one every night this week thru monday) so I made everyone go up early tonight .. oh they hate to go to bed early...[​IMG]

    till the next adventure...

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