Let's see.. I'm still a little new to raising chickens.. but so far so good. When i was a kid we had chickens, geese and ducks etc and i wanted to give our children some of the same experiences that i had growing up. When we decided that we were going to get chicks we said we were only going to get " a few ".. well we came back with 10 chicks and two turkey poults... lol.. and then about two weeks later i added four more.. and two weeks later eight more.. some would call that chicken math.. we have a variety of different breeds of chicks.. i was looking towards the future for when they are old enough to lay eggs.. nothing is better than going out to their coop and collecting a basket full of different color eggs of all sizes.. we have a while to wait for that though.. so for now we have 2 polish crested, 2 black frizzles, 3 barred rocks, 3 ameracaunas, 4 cuckoo marans, 10 silkies of different colors and 2 silly turkeys.. Below are just a few pics of our adorable pets..