Just Bought 6 Chicks

By flewdacoop · Jun 9, 2012 · ·
  1. flewdacoop
    this is kinda new to me and my wife.. we decided one day that we wanted to buy some chickens to lay eggs for our family to enjoy.. so i went out and bought a starter coop and 6 rhode island reds.. after about a week i built a coop and run that is 6 ft tall 4 foot wide and 10 feet long...and the chicks love it.. cant wait to start getting fresh eggs...

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  1. Whittni
    In my area you can get $4 a dozen very easily, you might see how it works out. Or if you can get a rooster have the hatching eggs available for people to hatch bu they'd all need to be the same breed.
  2. flewdacoop
    i understand i want to get about 20 hens if the demand in my area is high enough for me to do so.. but i will see everyone says they want fresh yard eggs and will pay 3 dollars a dozzen that is the going rate in my area so i figured i would do it for 2 dollars a dozzen and see if my 6 hens can keep up... thanks for the info any help is apreciated..
  3. Whittni
    Awesome, seems like there'll be plenty for a large family. Most people go and start off with WAY too many hens.
  4. flewdacoop
    ok well what i got all of them for is to get eggs im not going to get a rooster dont want to breed any of them just want the eggs and i have about 6 diffrent people that want eggs so it will be my family of 4 plus my dad and mom and two brothers and my aunt and uncle and my pastor at my church and his wife.. so i hope i have enough to give out after i get mine.. i am hoping to get at least a dozzen or two a week because just at my house we buy 5 dozzen large white eggs every month and sometimes have to get more,, so saying that should i have enough from the 6 egg lays that i got
  5. Whittni
    Chicken math is getting more than you bargained for.
    Three hens could supply enough eggs for a big family and that's if you didn't buy a laying breed - and you did. Have fun with the egg business...because you might be way over your head already in eggs.
    Think like so (this is real math...I'll show you an example of chicken math after this), say each one of your six hens lays 200 eggs a year, which is reasonable.
    200 (and this isn't a layer breed like yours, yours will lay like 280-300+ a year)
    X 6
    1200 eggs every year,
    the average person only eats say three eggs a week, and there are 56 weeks in a year.
    x 3
    so you take 1200 divided by 158 to find out how many people your hens are going to feed:
    / 158
    7.59 or about 7 and a half people will be fed from very average hens.
    okay that was real math - this is chicken math: (failing)
    If I buy a rooster he will fertilize the eggs and I'll have more hens if I hatch those eggs, but I also get more hens with that rooster so I'll have even more eggs! Well half of those eggs I hatch are going to be males, and I don't take that into thought but I end up not selling the chickens when I should and then I end up with 5+ roosters and like 11 or 12 hens and nobody takes the roosters.
    works a lot like that...good luck though!
  6. flewdacoop
    what is chicken math? im new at this so any help will be much appreciated.. i fill i am about to get messed with for not knowing but it some times has its advantages of beeing the NOOB on the block...
  7. EdenCamp
    Wait til chicken math kicks in......

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