Just Found 4 Legged 3 Winged Dead Chick In Incubating Egg

By Henny · May 22, 2012 · Updated May 23, 2012 · ·
  1. Henny
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]I have been incubating eggs for years and have never found anything like this before and am wondering if anyone else has? The chick was supposed to hatch yesterday. It was a brown egg--either from a Black Sex link, Comet, or Barred Rock hen and the rooster (only one I have) was an Ameracauna. Since all other eggs hatched a day earlier than they were supposed to I decided that this one was probably dead and I was going to open it up to see what had happened to it. I was incubating 42 eggs and had 35 healthy chicks hatch.
    What a surprise to see that although it was dead, it had 4 legs, 3 wings, 2 backs and 2 cloacas, one visible head but I think judging by the size of the neck it might have had extra tissue there. It looks like it had a blister on the top of its head too. Its abdomen was wide open and the yolk was rather large and still attached. I have pictures but they are kind of graphic and I don't want to offend anyone.
    I wonder how this happened? There was only one yolk in there!

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  1. Henny
    On closer inspection I found the chick actually had 4 wings and 4 legs, the neck kind of felt bulbous like it might have had some extra tissue in it--maybe a 2nd brain?
  2. Henny
    Ok. I just posted some of the pictures but they went into the original post above. I will try to send a video of the chick which will help explain its anatomy better.
  3. Henny
    I am new to posting but will send some pictures. I will try to put a video in it too. First I just have to figure out how to do this.
  4. Margot50
    I would love to see the pictures however it is done. I am fairly new to byc but I think you can respond privately??
  5. FireTigeris
    Sounds like early in development the embryo split incompletely, it would have made 'identical' twins had there been room to fully separate. Can you photo-bucket the pictures and post or PM me a link? people that don't want to see can just not look.
  6. Henny
    I have pictures of the chick and if you would like to see them I could email them to you. I would post them but I'm afraid they might bother some people who are not used to seeing these type of anomalies.
  7. Margot50
    How weird and unusual. It sounds like a set of not completly separated (conjoint) twins. "Siamese twins" Did it have two hearts? I am a pathologist and have done autopsies on babies with complex congenital malformations. I wish I could have seen your little chick!
  8. pineywoodschick
    It was just a genetic anomaly...it can happen in any species, us included.

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