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By Ldensmore · Jul 12, 2015 ·
  1. Ldensmore
    Ok, so I'm a first time chickens owner. Sorry for all of the posts and questions in the last couple of days. But I have more. I have 6 ISA Browns that are 17 weeks old. They just started laying Friday. :)
    1. Does heat affect the chickens egg laying? It's 85 here today, and I was wondering the temp of which it will affect them.
    2. When is the main time of day for chickens to lay eggs?
    3. Can you put perches in an outdoor run for nighttime sleeping?
    4. Is it normal for chickens not to lay every day?
    5. How do you worm laying chickens naturally? I want to be able to still eat the eggs.
    6. How much do you sell a dozen eggs for?
    7. Are there really that many people that will come and buy eggs?
    8. What is the cheapest place to get blank egg cartons?

    I'm sure I will think of more to add to this list. Thank in advance!:)

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