Spring is finally here and with it comes a very new addition to our happy home. Chickie babies!!

Look at these cute fuzzballs!

As Ethan and I pursue a more sustainable way of life chickens just made sense. We love and eat eggs daily, enjoy animals and can use their waste for our compost and garden fertilizer. Such a happy way to meet so many needs.

AND the baby peeps are pretty darn cute.

The yellow fuzzballs are Golden Sex Links and the darker ones are Gold Laced Wynadotts. Both breeds are good brown egg layers, do well in the cold and are known for having good temperments.

If the past several days are any indication of their disposition I would say we are all going to be one bigger happy family. Not only are they cute they are just so darn sweet.

Curious, fuzzy, small creatures that peep-does is really get much better?