Rare and Exotic Hatching Eggs, Chicks and Pullets - see website for details

Breeds we Raise:
Orpington: Blue, Black and Lavender
Olive Egger: Ameraucana X Orpington
Polish: Crele, Confetti and Cuckoo Color Projects
Silkie: Lavender, Blue, Black and Cuckoo
Welsummer: Whitmore Farm Lines

Hatching Eggs:
We offer hatching eggs from many of the breeds we offer. There is no minimum on the number of eggs that can be offered.

Day-Old Chicks:
We offer Day-Old chicks with guaranteed live delivery. We do not have the ability to sex chicks, so all chicks hatched on site are sold straight run. Statistically, you should get approximately 50% males and 50% females. We hatch out chicks to order, so it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to receive your chicks after you order them. If there is a waiting list, we'll let you know how long it will be. The minimum order is 25 chicks and you may combine varieties to meet the minimum. We require full payment on orders. We ship by Express Mail unless you're close enough for a safe Priority Mail Shipment. Shipping is extra. There will be a $5 box charge on all orders. We will give you a quote upon request.

Pullets: If you want to be guaranteed pullets, you can reserve them and pick them up when they are 8 weeks old. We cannot reserve specific colors of certain since we only truely know what colors we have when they are mature or old enough to sex for certainty. Sorry, We DO NOT ship adult birds.