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    I do not breed Dobermans, Morgan was my first dog and came to me as a stray through work. With dumb luck and DNA testing I did manage to find her breeder and took her sister when she was returned. Raven, Morgan's sister, turned out to be pregnant and delivered a litter of puppies via c-section. After surgery we lost Raven to bleeding we believe is due to von Willebrands, she tested positive via DNA after we lost her. We lost one of the eight puppies at a week old to spontaneous bleeding and decided to do DNA tests on all 7 remaining puppies and Morgan. All 8 dogs turned out to test DNA affected and we lost one more of the puppies at 6 months during her spay. Many prominant doberman breeders I have spoken with have told me that I should not be so quick to blame the bleeding on the von Willebrands and that in all their years they have never seen clinical breeders and do not belive it to be such an issue. I worked at a vet for five years prior to this incident and never saw bleeding to this degree in a doberman either, neither had any of the vets I worked for but we believe the bleeding to be related to the von Willebrands. In my opinion loosing a mother and two out of eight puppies to uncontrollable bleeding when all are von Willebrands affected points to clincial signs of the disorder. I am hoping to spread awareness of the disease and my story in hopes that maybe more Doberman breeders will pay attention to the results of the pricey DNA test they run on their dogs instead of ignoring them and creating more DNA affected dogs. Afterall, aren't breeders supposed to be striving towards the betterment of the breed? For more information on von Willebrands and the DNA testing avaliable please visit these sites: http://www.vet.uga.edu/vpp/clerk/anderson/index.php and http://www.vetgen.com/canine-vwd1.html

    For information on the truth about Albino Dobermans please visit http://whitedobes.doberinfo.com/


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