Welcome to my page!

My name is Kaitlyn, I am 15 years old, and I live in the Upper Penninsula of upper Michigan! I am the oldest of 3 children in my family, and We have many animals! My mom owns 2 horses, a cat, and a dog. I own a total of 67 chickens, and a 3-yr. old Sandfire Bearded Dragon
The chickens, horses, cows and the cat is kept at a 140 acre property near Lake Superior that my grandparents own. (And hopefully sometime in the future, we would like to build a house down at the farm
When I was in 8th grade, (I was 13) my science teacher hatched chicks in the classroom so he could have more chickens at his farm. I was so excited. Well, within days I was annoying my parents, because i wanted chickens of my own. I was excited when I went to pick up 12 chickens. My first rooster was Ben, and he was a beautiful brown leghorn. He was a gentle giant. Really fat, and really sweet. (He was a bit of a crybaby thou
) I was extremely sad when he died. He died of old age, but we hatched eggs just before he got sick, and I kept one of the roosters that looked like him. Sadly, for some reason, this rooster was extremely aggressive, and I was heartbroken when we had to shoot him. Yes, I understood that he could very badly hurt one of the adults, or even my 4-yr old cousin that would have no chance defending himself if he got cornered. So it had to be done.
I wish I had a picture of Ben on the computer, but sometime i will scan a picture and post it on here. But for now, I'll post a picture of his son. He looked alot like his daddy.


Then, we got some barred rock hens from a friend that was getting rid of his old chickens, and then we got 5 Spits' (Gretchen, Inky, Binkie, Pinky, and Clyde xD), 1 White leghorn (that I named Gorgia, she is very beasty), 1 very ugly Austrolorp (really, she is, sorry xD), and my new rooster: a white silkie. His name is Jefferson, and i love him to pieces! He is very sweet and loving, and soo fluffy to!
(Jefferson for some reason is missing alot of fluff feathers on/around his face, they must've been plucked by other chickens before we got him)

Lookat this handsome man


And this, is Georgia:

Some of the Spitz':

Gretchen is the one in the back:

And the very ugly Austrolorp, can't really tell how un-pretty this chickie is in this pic. She may be ugly, but she is a sweetie-pie and i love her! And Jefferson on the left, tryin to show off his fluffy butt, haha.

We got 4 chicks from a friend, that were a couple months old, and we were told they were Americaunas. Now we can tell they are definetly not, and 3 of them are hens, Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Ellie, and the rooster, who is absolutley GORGEOUS, is Ernie. Unfortunetly, right now I don't have any pics of him D: But i shall take some soon!
And This is Amy, (the white chicken, standing next to my moms horses, looking for any dropped grain xD) one of the two chickens that are still alive from the first group of chickens I got. She is always the first one to run up to me when I get to the farm, wondering if i braught any treats for her
. I don't have a picture of her sister, Scarlet.

I love the color of her eyes!

Then, I incubated eggs in June, and 14 chicks hatched