Hi everyone, my name is Kay, you can find me under kakes92756, i have a farm in skandia mi, 40 acres, and two huge barns 23 stalls,and only 11 left to fill, i bought the place in june 21st 2011, it was well know years ago as Irish meadows, its now called" Welches Farm Insieme"it was pretty run down and over come with weeds, grass taller then me, ive powerwashed until i could do no more from hands in pain, cut and trimed, painted the barn, its looking very nice, but still have a long way to go, i have chickens, turkeys brown and white, peacocks, golden pheasants, and yorkshire/hampshire hogs, two females, im starting horse boaeding today, with two horses coming in, and mine will be here on monday, stalls have been cleaned and prepared, took lots of elbow grease for that too! but im excited about it all, what caught my eye to this backyard chicken place was that i was researching why my chickens are going bald? not just a regular molt, no lice, cant find a reason 1, ive read some of you post and im having the same trouble as the guy with the leg horns, i took in my sisters chickens that started this a couple months ago, she is 71 and keeps them at camp in summer and usually give them away or puts them in the freezer for winter, i offered to take them for her until spring so she can have them back, she loves them! she thought they might be picking on each other, pulling feathers out, i see none of that, im in the same boat as the other guy i mentioned, so today im gonna try worm them, ive used the lice powder, scarlex spray, diet changes, im also at a loss, and i think they are also leg horns, my other animals have never done this, just these! im happy to be here, and cant wait to talk to you! and start making it even more beautiful in the spring!