Greetings to all,
I am an Australian living in Japan (right down the bottom end in Kagoshima, so nowhere near the recent trouble...).
I run a small English school in my house and have just started keeping chickens at home/the school. I have 4 at home/school, hopefully 1 rooster and 3 hens. Only about 5 months old, so no eggs yet.
My father in law is retired and grows rice and vegetables and keeps about 60 chickens in a remote location about 90 minutes from my home.
We also had chickens and ducks at my home in Western Australia, but they got old and dropped off the perch one by one. The ducks are still going strong though, they might be immortal...

My students should find the chickens interesting, as they do the many fish that I keep.

I hope to learn a lot on the forum, and maybe one day be able to help someone out too...



(I THINK) this is my rooster..

First meal in their new home... it started raining 4 minutes into it.

Enjoying the 'chicken furniture', however the weather cut it short... it rained about 6 minutes later.

Is this a tasty snack, or a bout of the runs???

And news not relating to chickens, I can feel my baby moving!!! My wife is 5 months pregnant, and recently I can feel the movements. It's kinda creepy, but cool...