We are Kara and Larry Acre from Southeast Missouri and we have a small piece of land that is home to many critters! We have 3 boer cross goats that are my babies, Brat, Prince, and Itty Bitty! Of course, with goats we have the requisite livestock guard dogs, Gunner and Gabrielle, brother and sister Great Pyrenese. After fostering a litter of Pit Bull/Shar Pei puppies, we also have brothers Shu Fang and Kong Chung. We also have an indoor dog that we rescued and our best guess is she is an Australian Shepherd blue merle/Cocker Spaniel mix and her name is Trixie. We have 6 (yes, I know, crazy!) indoor cats, 4 of which are 4 month old kittens: Tippy, Saki, Gigi and Baby Doll, and (2) 2 year old cats, Bebe and Cece. Bebe I had to raise from about 2-1/2 weeks old so he is a bit more spoiled!!!! We also have 2 Egyptian geese, Nefertiti and Imhotep. As for our chickens, we have Silkies, Japanese Banties, Silver Sebrights, Golden Sebrights, Old English Banties, and standard Cochins! Then there are the semi-tamed down barn cats...about 12 now! Of course with this managerie, there is always something going on so life is never dull!!