Chickens are fun! I began my new life working with chickens when my allergies to cats got so bad, we traded the two cats for 6 leghorn pullets. We built a small coop for them and they were not the friendliest but they did lay many eggs for us. They were almost like princesses. We had to be really gentle and careful around them or they got flighty. And of course, they had to be under a light here in Western NY for their combs not to freeze. The second year, after much research and our neighbor giving us his 9 ft by 14 ft chicken coop that was about 60 years old but very strong and steardy, we increased the flock to about 18 chickens with Rhode Island Reds, Silver-Laced Wyandottes, Buff Orphingtons, Australorps, Silkies and Ameraucanas. The third year, we added Golden-Laced Wyandottes, Easter Eggers, Chanteclers and one Welsummer but didn't continue with the Rhode Island Reds or Buff Orphingtons. My husband built a 3rd coop for breeding purposes but said I need to keep my flock under 24. Hmm, that means I can increase what I have now. We also are now enjoying watching the ducks.
We have a mallard and a trio of cayugas. This year we have put Rhode Island Reds and Orphingtons back into the flock. Hatching out some new babies in August. Mostly mixed breeds.