Hi Everyone!!
My name is Karen and I am from Southern Mass. My son came home one day with 5 eggs from the family down the street and said he was going to hatch them. I laughed at him and said he was crazy!! Well, 21 days later Jimmy hatched! Unfortunetly he was the only one that hatched, so i went to our local grain store and purchased 2 Rhode Island Red chicks. Since then i've been in love with our new hobby. I bought 1 more chick from the grain store, and adopted 3 pullets from a local farmer. I also ordered 4 babies from my pet chicken. Unfortunately one chick from my pet chicken didn't make it. I also just bought 3 mixed breeds from a local man. I now have 16 chickens all together, and they are a few different breeds. I have 2 Rhode Island Reds, 1 white crested black polish, 2 White Plymouth Rocks, 2 Buff Orpingtons, and 8 unknown breeds. I look forward to talking about my feathered friends with everyone and hearing stories from you!

Jazzy thinks she's Jimmy's mom! Jimmy at 1 month My 4 from my pet chicken 1 from the local grain store Jimmy at 1 day old
(Fog Horn, Debbie, Billy, Daisy) (Travis)