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    So here we are, my six little chicks ! My three grandsons wanted to name them, so here we go. We have Rose who is of course the Rhode Island Red, then we have Tulip who is the Silver Lace Wyandotte and along came Daffodil she is a very cute little white and yellow with fuzzy feet. I am not sure what she is. Now we were trying to stay in the flower naming, so we thought the Buff Orpington should be Dogwood, but the youngest grandson so no mamma Catwood, so funny. We also have a black ostralorp with the name of Jewel. So now we have completely strayed from the flower names and the other boy wanted to name the last one John, she is the Domique. I never knew this would be so funny. John is my favorite. She follows me everywhere. As soon as I can figure out the picture posting I will . [​IMG]

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