Karin's Chicken Land!

One day a friend came by and I had not yet named my new layers. I told him I was taking suggestions and he quickly quipped pointing to each one "Chicken a la King, Chicken Fricassee, El Pollo Loco!" Of course it was so hilarious that the names stuck, even though my girls will never go into a pot. So here they are...
P4090044.gif P4090090.gif P4090054.gif

King, Fricassee, and Loco
I started them in a brooder which they rapidly outgrew,
I never realized chickens grow so fast!

<--- Lil' peeps to HUGE and growing
bigger teenagers... ^

This is my first flock ever so I'm trying hard to be a good chicken mama and not kill my babies. I'm really grateful to the backyardchickens.com message board. I've learned so much already from the experience of the people who participate on it.​
One book I can suggest that I have read and continue to refer to is...

For now we're just chillin' enjoying some
"chicken meditation time," ya'll have fun now ya hear?
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