Hi everyone , My name is Kate , I live in Southwest Louisiana .I am married to a wonderful man whom i love dearly , and have 3 very good children. O say they are very good , they aren't on drugs , not pregnant , they don't give me any lip,and they actually listen to thier parents . My mother in law lives with me also , I really can't stand the woman . She drive me nuts and to get away from her I go out to the chicken yard for some chicken meditation .It always claims me down to go out there and be the chicken whisperer .
I don't know about you but I find chicken fasinating. I could sit allday in my chicken yard watching my birds . I love birds ! I have had one type or another of birds my whole life . We just moved to ten wooded arces last summer . I have my very own forest , complete with preditors of every shape and size .
I now have my chickens so tame they walk around my feet and if i sit still they will hop on my legs , my husband says I have spoiled them rotten . Yep thats my job to spoil my babies rotten . When i got the chickens they were terrified of everything . They would huddle in the fartherest corned from me . Now I wish you could see the change in them . The peacock ran away for 2 days , as soon as we took the big production red rooster out of the yard he came back , now he greets me every morning with his beautiful (and very loud ) call . He danced for me for the first time , last sunday . Which was easter sunday .
My husband thinks I'm funny , I call my chickens and they come running to be fed . If I hold out on the feed and just walk around the chicken yard I have a gang of 14 chickens ,a peacock 2 ginneas, following me around the chicken yard . Yes I like to tease my chickens little .
Poppy the peacock , my cochin chickens and roosters,The big production red roosterand dommaneck hen ,My prized white ringneck doves or peice doves , laughing doves. Misha the african grey parrot ( my brothers bird ) And mac my huge baby that protects my flock , he's a mastiff/ black lab mix . He keeps most of the preditors away .