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By Grace-Kathy · Apr 28, 2012 ·
  1. Grace-Kathy
    Hi everyone!! I am new to BYC & have watched for a couple of months, love the communication on here, information & general helpfulness of everyone. Currently I have 1 shin-tzu, 1 very LARGE male rescue kitty that has Maine coon in him. He is very in touch with his feminine side, and at the moment 9 chickens.

    I live in Indiana but go to Florida frequently. Wanted to create a page to be able to participate in the swaps at some point.

    My wonderfully sweet dog is named "Gidget"
    My cat is jozee. (was told by vet he was a she and was josey first - until his manhood was discovered at a later vet visit) :lol:
    2 ameracaunas. (still unnamed)
    1 clean legged little bantham roo named Mcnugget
    1golden comet named Sunny
    1 jersey giant black - unnamed
    2 banthams (florentine was just discovered to be a roo - this happens a lot to me) & the other is unnamed - probably make female florentine & roo Benedict.
    2 new buff orpingtons

    My family generally refers to me "if it's lost, abandoned, lonely or sickly she'll take it home".

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