Hi everyone!
Im not sure about how this blog thing works... you'd think I'd figure it out as i've been growing up in the technologic age...But here's a first try.
I just wanted to introduce myself to anyone out there who reads this. I am currently a first year vet student at Cornell University (we just had our very first midterm!!) Currently my medical interests are very wide, ranging from radiology to wildlife to poultry to small animal. I have always been interested in poultry; I grew up as a 4H kid and showed silkies and cochin bantams out of our small town-owner farm. I have always dreamed about the day when I can raise my very own flock! Recently, I have been putting some thought into my career goals and am exploring a serious interest in poultry medicine, but for small scale, backyard farms!! I subscribed to this post to get a feel for what people need help with, what diseases/problems people are seeing and if there is a demand for small scale poultry veterinarians. I can't wait to get more involved and will hopefully be starting the poultry club up here at Cornell!!