Hi there BYC people! My page has been blank since I signed on and we can't have that! I would love to post pictures an everything but for some reason my iPhone won't let me :(. So if someone wanted to PM me and clue me in... I'd be very grateful!

Until then I will try and post a picture of us. My husband and I have thus funny and great love for each othere... And chickens! I've had chickens since I was little and so did he, but they were raised alot diffrently and for different things then. He had all but forgotten about chickens when we'd met, but me.... Not me! On our first date he asked me what I wanted to do..... And of course, I start babbling about chickens! And he was the first person to not laugh at me or scoff at my ideas for raising birds or show. I explained to him how everything would work and how I would do it. And from the start he was with me! True love!!!!! Now he sits outside with me and feeds chickens and hugs them (sometimes he does). We breed them to the standard as a team an absolutly love them. We have marans, wyandottes, and silkies, of many varieties. Once things get going and we can find a house we like, I want some leghorns! They are gorgeous! Anywho, im gonna work on getting some pics up.