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Longfeather Lane
Welcome to Longfeather Lane, my hobby farm!​
The Past
Longfeather Lane is the name I've chosen for my home. I share it with many animals, but my very favorite are the peafowl. With us are also our small muscovy duck flock, and our polish, cochins, black copper marans, and araucanas. I have a few button quail indoors as pets, living above my snake tanks. With more time, patience, and building, I intend to have a few more critters to add to my menagerie, but for now, these are my babies!

The Cast
Firstborn of my peafowl is my baby Osiris. She is an India blue dark pied out of silver pied parents. She was the very first peafowl I ever hatched, and she is a liiiiitle spoiled rotten. Or maybe just ROTTEN.
About author
Head of Longfeather Lane. Mom to a small host of peafowl, chickens, and a very loud turkey. Animal care technician, animal behaviorist, and writer in her spare time. Trying her best.


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