Keeping Chickens In The Back Garden

By chickmax · Sep 12, 2012 · Updated Sep 12, 2012 ·
  1. chickmax
    Over the last few years,hens have made a bit of a come back to our back gardens and there are more and more people looking at keeping a few hens for eggs again at home in the back garden.

    Keeping chickens as pets has become increasingly popular over the years among urban and suburban residents.Most chickens are kept on farms for the agricultural production of meat and eggs but some chickens are kept as pets for entertainment and educational reasons, along with homegrown eggs and sometimes meat.

    When deciding what to charge for your eggs, consider all of your expenses, including production, marketing and promotion, packaging and transportation costs for the entire year. Feed will likely be your greatest expense, but also budget in one-time or unexpected costs like coop remodels or fencing. It's good thing to buy some truck maybe from Autopazar and start with your own business with keeping chickens. You can tansport eggs and sell them on the market and earn some money. With the growing interest in all-natural pest control alternatives, people are now keeping chickens to rid their property of unwanted insects and larvae, which uses the birds' natural instinct to seek out and eat bugs.

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