Keeping Crested Breeds Feathers out of their Eyes

By summerb123 · Nov 22, 2016 · Updated Nov 22, 2016 · ·
  1. summerb123
    Keeping Crested Breeds Feathers out of their Eyes

    to this (not same bird but good example)

    Crested chicken breeds have more trouble seeing than others. Breeds such as Silkies, Sultans, Houdans, and Polish have the most trouble. My Frizzle Polish rooster has a lot of trouble navigating the run/coop. He was always bumping into something, and can’t find the water bucket. I didn’t wont him to too become dehydrated, so I had to think fast! I put his crest in a ponytail.

    There are a couple ways to help with the limited vision. One way is a Ponytail. You can also use blue painters tape. You can also simply cut the crest to where the bird can see.

    The ponytail method, which I used for my rooster, is better if you show you’re showing your bird. All you have to do is catch the bird and gather the crest and put a ponytail or Rubber band around it.

    The Blue painters tape method I would not really suggest it for Silkies. You have to gather the crest, like the ponytail method, and wrap the Painters tape around the crest. Personally I think that will pull their feathers out when you take it off.

    The haircut method is simple. All you to do is just cut the feathers to a reasonable length. Make sure that you do not cut the feathers to short!

    Please do your crested chicken a favor! Give them a new hairstyle! If you free range your birds, it will help keep them out of danger. Their reaction to the newly found vision is priceless. Your chicken will be glad you gave them a new hairstyle!

    (all photo credits go to Google)

    Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. BonDEEroo
    Great suggestions!
    Our Araucana pullet (11 weeks old) got an eyebrow trim last night. She used to be slow getting food, nervy and didn't like jumping up on the perch. She struggled and complained for the left eyebrow, then opened her eye, realized why we were doing it, and was cooperative and still for the right eyebrow! Today she was a different bird, much more confident. She looks a bit funny but it's worth it
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  2. summerb123
  3. vachick15
    This will be awesome if I get some silkies or polish!
  4. NickyKnack
    I have four Silkes roos and I have always cut their feathers like a poodle puff on their heads. love your pictures!
  5. summerb123
  6. chicken4prez
    Love the pictures! Especially the last one LOL!
    You did a great job, Summer!
  7. summerb123
  8. Chickensfan
    lol! i have already read it 5 times!
  9. summerb123
    XD lol thanks!
  10. CuzChickens
    Lol, that is so cute! I am gonna go get me a silkie too!
  11. summerb123
    haha! me too!
  12. Fluffers
    This is so cute! I want to get a silkie now and put it in a ponytail :D

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