Keeping ducks and chickens together.

Don't let Any one deter you from this!
By Ming Ming · Aug 4, 2017 ·
  1. Ming Ming
    Ducks and chickens are very social creatures and need bond with those around them. They are very similar in some ways. Don't let someone tell you its its a bad idea to let them co-exist. Its can be, but not if you really want it to work. Reasons it's bad to the average Joe
    - ducks are messy with water and chickens can't live in damp climates
    - They eat different feeds
    -Ducks can be aggressive towards chickens and vis versa

    I have found a way around all of this!
    First, the water. For this I found that PVC pipe automatic waters are great, No mess, always clean and lasts.
    Just install this and have a small pond somewhere away from the coop. And don't worry, ducks use it too!.
    And for the feed, just get all-flock feed! Its the same price and is for ducks,geese and chickens. you should be able to find it in your local co-op.
    And don't worry about the aggressiveness! it all works out, its just nature.
    JUST MAKE SURE- they sleep in different houses. Chicken coop, And a simple dog house full of straw for the ducks! upload_2017-8-4_11-11-53.jpeg

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  1. hooktontravel
    I have mine sleep together. tiny flock... it's down to 5 since my duck got eggbound and died, but the drake still sleeps with the chickens. they roost, he's on the floor. no food or water inside the house, and I made bucket feeders with PVC elbows so they are outside. We have buckets to drink from, and the duck has a small rectangle 'splash pad' (roughly the size of one of those dish-bussing bins, but it came from a hardware store). This way he can bathe and take care of bugs, have veggies in his water, etc and not make a huge mess for everyone else. My pen is 200 linear feet of fencing, and I move it every couple of months. I use deep bedding & intend to let it compost in the house, so i just stir it every few weeks with a pitchfork to make up for what the chickens don't scratch through. I just set some more duck eggs in hopes of getting a new duckling!! I have enough chickens for now. The drake likes to perch on a 2x4 by the big window in the coop and keep watch. He's a good guard duck, and helps the rooster with watch duties!

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