Information below copied from my Atlanta Backyard Chicken meetup group profile:


Woodstock, Georgia
My wife Lucy and I live in south Cherokee county, Georgia on seven acres. We raised two sons here out in the woods and now are empty-nesters (so to speak).
What breed of chickens do you own?

Buff Orpingtons back in the early days (see below). Starting over again with Barred Rocks, Gold-lace Wyandottes, Buff Orps, Black Australorps and Americanas.
How long have you owned chickens?

We raised Buff Orps for a few years, back when the kids were small, but got out of it when my work got hectic. Fast forward, down-sized from my work, kids are out on their own and Lucy says "maybe some chickens would be a good thing...". By the time she said "thing" I had my order placed with Meyer and was on my way to Home Depot. Finished the coop, birds are five months old and just starting to lay (12/1/11).
How many chickens do you own?

15, all hens except one Wyandotte rooster. His name is Lucky.
What do you like most about owning chickens?

Watching them. The eggs are good, but the chickens are good company and entertainment. They are also sort of calming, like watching an aquarium or a bonfire. I dig the chicks (but I love my wife).
How many people (other than yourself) have you helped get started owning chickens?

None directly, but I like to talk them up. If someone has the room and the temperment, we eventually talk about chickens.